Roundtable Rubric and Rules

Sociologists of science have extensively documented and stressed the importance of informal communication and information-exchange in academic activity, especially when the discourse occurs within a well-developed network of contact such as the Noӧdynamics Institute.  This recognized phenomenon takes on a new meaning in the context of a newly-formed and unorthodox field, and is further accentuated by the fact that a primary challenge for members is to help Academics from every discipline to overcome their tacit assumptions.

The key to implementable programs is not only to zero in on the facts of general circumstances and particular situations, but also to get key people in agreement as to what those facts mean and what, by implication, should be done.  Authority in the Institute is delegated upward.  All members and directors should hold to two main goals: to attain to the utmost command of their subjects, and to keep their disciplines and their departments vital and flexible by always recognizing their ties to all others and maintaining amicable relations with all.  This second ideal, the conception of the inner unity of all cultural expressions, has found its exemplar in our Institute.

We must recognize that only a certain amount of what the Noӧdynamics Institute needs to accomplish is attainable directly, and that the rest must be obtained with a clarion.  Members should imagine the Director-General holding The Phenomenology of Culture-Systems in one hand and a clarion in the other.

By misleading the West pursuant to the degenerate agenda(s) of modern sociopolitical interests, contemporary Academia has not pushed our Civilization toward its manifest destiny, but has betrayed its sacred trust and, therefore, cut itself off from the life of Western Culture.  Since academic problems require academic answers, an alternative and equally intelligent/educated authority must be established, capable of enforcing in Academia righteousness in accordance with the principles of The Phenomenology of Culture-Systems.

Such authority must be found in the Noӧdynamics Institute.  Academia must be restored to its sacred mission.  Academia holds dominion over the scientific, spiritual, aesthetic, philosophical, religious, and technological welfare of the culture-system placed in its charge.  The technical exercise of educational functions is assigned to colleges and universities, but the obligation to see that Academics perform this function ethically and righteously rests upon the Noӧdynamics Institute.  To ensure that the Institute lives up to this obligation, the following guidelines are implemented:


  1. The ‘Roundtable’ refers to Administrative Staff, the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Council of the Noӧdynamics Institute.
  1. Roundtable matters will be resolved based on a three-fourths majority.
  1. No statement is an official Noӧdynamics Institute statement unless it is issued directly from Headquarters with full documentation.
  1. All emails to and from the Institute, per se, must pass through Headquarters, regardless of topic or content.
  1. Roundtable discourse and programs are never to be discussed with non-members without documented pre-approval from Headquarters.
  1. Membership lists, information about members, financial matters, et al., shall never be shared with non-members.
  1. All incoming Institute funds shall be deposited in the corporate account by the Comptroller and may be withdrawn only by the Comptroller with documented permission from the Chief Knowledge Officer or the Seneschal.
  1. The Noӧdynamics Institute never apologizes for anything in its text or publications, regardless of pressure or propaganda. Therefore, members must be especially careful when making statements in the context of Institute work.  As a rule of thumb, members should always delimit propositions and discourse with respect to the law, the Code of Ethics, or a sense of good taste – whichever is stricter under the circumstances.