Code of Ethics

Noӧdynamics Institute Code of Ethics

To be permeated by the quest of Academia and the culture of the West is part of a way of life in the Noödynamics Institute.  The Institute strives to represent the will-to-know of the culture-system without limitation, to allow ideas to develop without undue restrictions, to be skeptical of everything yet open-minded; to maintain truth unconditionally:  Sapere aude!

​Presently, Noödynamics exists only to the extent that it is represented in the Institute.  The idea becomes actualized in and through the Institute.  How well this is accomplished determines the quality of the Institute.  Because the theory of Noödynamics is metaphysical and the practice of the Institute is physical, the former will not be perfectly realized in the latter.  The very translation of thought into action tends to impoverish its existential vitality.  For this reason, a permanent state of tension must exist between the transcendental idea of Noödynamics and the Institute as a corporeal entity.

​Though an institutional structure is indispensable to the development, advancement, and transmission of a grand idea, any institution tends, over time, to perceive itself as an end in-itself rather than a means to an end, and thus only constant vigilance and rigor can insure its proper functioning on behalf of the ideal it is meant to serve.

​The Noödynamics Institute hence must require of its members the highest degree of intellectual and professional integrity. Because it wants to exist dynamically, the Institute wants to associate even with those who resist its deals; it not only tolerates but demands engagement with those who oppose its aims.  It does this in order to create opportunities for fruitful dialogue and even debate—above all, to allow scholarly quality and achievement to become decisive factors.

Institute Member Statement of Academic Values

This statement presents the core values of the Noӧdynamics Institute.  These values provide the foundation for the Code of Ethics of members and set the academic standard for scholars.  These values are the fundamental beliefs that guide out proclamations and practices.  We believe that our values are vital to the integrity of Academia as a whole.


We serve Western Civilization by acting as dedicated advocates for the culture-system and its expressive modes.  We provide the collective voice of a High Culture and an epoch through Science, Spirituality, Art, Philosophy, Religion, and Technics to aid educated social discourse and geopolitical dialogue. 


We acquire and utilize specialized knowledge and experience.  We advance Academia through continued scholarly research, development, education, and outreach.  We build inter-disciplinary understanding, cooperation, and coordination among a wide array of fields and institutions.


We adhere to the highest standards of truth and accuracy in advancing the interests of the West and our academic fields and in communicating with society.


We provide sincere viewpoints based on empirical or verifiable facts, without suppression or spin, and hold others accountable for their claims and actions.


We conduct ourselves in a professional manner and deal honestly, respectfully, and fairly with proponents and opponents alike, acknowledging the validity of many viewpoints and promoting the rights of liberty of action and freedom of expression.